Why not a Lion, Buffalo or Leopard as a potential object to kill or to hunt as the signature of our business? Why not fire arms and the color ‘red’ in our logo? Obvious, we do not promote the unnecessary killing or even extermination of species……
“TROPHY acknowledge and respect our God given world.
We strive for a sustainable environment as a legacy to generations far beyond this century.
Therefore we support ethical hunting and conservation
We love our wild life”


Often described us ugly and grotesque but not without appeal, with a proud cheeky attitude and the courage to fight a lion. As small as it is, it’s a master of stealth and survival with that intimidating front tusks and it's well known triumphant tail in the wind. We know when wearing Trophy Camo gear, you will experience that intimidating, proud cheeky attitude and when returning from your hunting excursion with a triumphant feeling of a tail in the wind. Arguably one of the most beautiful small mammals in the wild, the warthog.


Trophy camouflage design was developed in Africa for Africa. It is a fully South African design to match our rugged bush as well as our savannas. We wanted premium gear that would camouflage effectively and at the same time be noise free, soft and comfortable to wear. Our slogan, “Become one with Nature” is fully explanatory of the mission behind the developing of this unique design.


The unique pattern was designed over a four year period, case studies and nearly 2740 photographs taken all over South Africa and Southern Africa as far up as Zimbabwe and Zambia to ensure the wearer to blend in with backgrounds in most of the hunting areas in Southern Africa. It has the ability to take on the shades of the surroundings and reflects its colors. It disguises volume and shape and these attributes allow you to become part of the natural environment.


Cotton has special characteristics like hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant, which means it’s the best choice of fabric for people who suffer from allergies and asthma or those who have sensitive skin. It provides a soft feeling yet it’s incredibly strong, comfortable and silent when worn. 100% cotton allow for better air circulation, which helps absorb body moisture and draws heat away from the skin and keeps you cool and dry in summer. But the opposite is also true, when outside temperature turn cool to cold, 100% cotton has that ability to keep your body temperatures warm and comfortable. Much better than synthetic and nylon products.


All our products are 100% Proudly South African. Our South African heritage, believes and determination made us to stand up for our country and its people.
All fabric is manufactured, weaved and printed under SABS standards by reputable SABS accredited mills in South Africa and each and every garment is locally manufactured to the highest standards by SABS accredited CMT’s (manufacturers) only.
It’s rough and tough in the hunting world, so are our garments. Trophy garments are double stitched, quality checked, durable, comfortable while all fabric is pre-shrunk and treated to give you the ultimate joy and service in the everyday wear on the ranch but also in the hunting environment. Creating good quality garments that’s this tough and rough, is Trophy Camo’s business.